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Managing your online account

When you become a Quilter platform customer, you automatically have access to your own online account. You can activate and view your account via the Quilter app on your mobile, or via the online Customer Centre on your computer, laptop or tablet.  

Once you have activated your online account you can use the same username and password to access your account via either the Quilter app or online Customer Centre, whichever is the most convenient.

No matter how many products or investments you have on Quilter's platform, you and your financial adviser can manage your wealth through your online account.

The benefits of having an online account

Over 225,000 customers are already viewing their investments online, in the same way they do for online banking. Our customers who use our online service like the fact that they can:

Have easy and instant access

All of their Quilter platform investments and CashHub savings instantly available at their fingertips.

Never lose an important document

All their documents have been loaded into their personal online document library.

Have their information more secure

Helping combat fraud because we don’t have to send their personal data in the post.

What can I do in my online account?

With your online account, you can:

  • get an instant valuation of your investments, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • track your investments' performance, helping you to see how your money is doing.
  • check if a transaction has gone through, including money paid in and out
  • keep your personal details up to date (such as your email address and security information)
  • change your fund choice, including for future contributions.
Having online access has helped me stay organised and it’s been great to reduce the amount of paperwork I receive. Activating was easy, and using my account is just like using online banking.
Janet 78 Quilter Customer

How to stay safe online

Keeping your investments safe is of utmost importance to us. As a company, we have implemented measures to help combat fraud and cybercrime and as a customer, there are also simple steps to help improve your online safety. Find out what you need to know about online fraud, what to do if you suspect something, and how we’re helping keep you safe online.

Keeping you safe online