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The online Customer Centre

Helping you to stay up to date with your investments

What is the online Customer Centre?

As a Quilter platform customer, you automatically have your own online account which you can access through our online customer centre via your PC, laptop or tablet.

If you have already activated your Quilter online account, or have downloaded and are using the Quilter app, click the link below to login and access your investments now.

Login to your account

Complete your registration

Choose your registration route. We've provided more support below.

Secure your account

We use a number of ways to secure your Quilter online account.

The benefits of having an online account

Over 225,000 customers are already viewing their investments online, in the same way they do for online banking. Our customers who use our online service like the fact that they can:

Have easy and instant access

All of their Quilter platform investments and CashHub savings instantly available at their fingertips.

Never lose an important document

All their documents have been loaded into their personal online document library.

Have their information more secure

Helping combat fraud because we don’t have to send their personal data in the post.

The Quilter app

If you have a smartphone, the Quilter app is another great way to access your online account. You can use the same username and password for the Quilter app and the online Customer Centre. So, once you are registered for one, all you need to do is login to the other to start using.

the Quilter app Download now

Using the online Customer Centre

Our helpful guides get you started and show you how to use the online Customer Centre, such as accessing valuations, setting up or changing payments, and viewing your policy documents.

View our user guide

How we keep your investments safe

Keeping your investments safe and secure is a top priority in everything we do at Quilter. Our financial security team have designed the online customer centre with robust processes and the latest security features to protect your investments:

Choose your own memorable picture and phrase for your account

to give you the reassurance that you are in the right place every time you log in.

Two factor authentication adds an extra layer of security

and also gives you an easy and secure way to reset your password if you forget.

We'll notify you if we receive a request to change your details

such as your mobile number or address, giving you complete control.