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Ten ways the platform can save you time and money

Our technology platform offers you and your clients an online user experience that's quicker, easier and smarter than ever.

An outstanding service

Our technology enables application and account management processes to be carried out online helping you to:

  • Instruct business as quickly as possible
  • Manage your clients' assets more easily
  • Present your clients with an outstanding online service

This means you will handle and post less paper and make fewer telephone calls, ultimately saving you time.

Ten online features to manage your clients’ investments

1. Online Bed & ISA

During a busy tax-year end, quickly instruct us to move money from a privately owned (single or joint) CIA, to an ISA.

2. Confirm fee agreements online

You can confirm your client's agreement to your fees online, without having to send us a signed Quilter Adviser Fee form. You will need to keep the completed forms on your records as we will request samples of these from you on a regular basis.

3. Instruct one off withdrawals online

Request up to £75,000 as a lump sum, and we will make payments to a pre-authorised bank account, which can be set up online, speeding up payments to your clients.

4. Set up and manage regular investments and withdrawals online

Both can be collected/paid on any day from the 1st to the 28th of the month.

5. Manage and crystallise pension assets online

Crystallise up to £300,000 (£75,000 tax free cash). We also accept instructions for GAD reviews, expressions of wishes, merging flexi-access drawdown sub accounts, and moving from capped to flexi-access drawdown, all online.

6. Fully integrated client Uscan

Including up to five years of transactions on your client's account and money weighted returns. Perfect for client reviews.

7. Automated cash management

Ensures sufficient cash is available to pay adviser fees and charges, without you actively having to manage cash and reduces the number of trades on your clients account.

8. Track transfers online

Our transfer tracker means you can track pension and ISA transfers with no need to call to find out what stage your client's transfer is at.

9. Access more account information

At the click of a button, enabling you to clearly see what has happened on an account and how it has performed. You can also produce historic valuations, ad hoc client statements and performance history.

10. Enhanced online Customer Centre

We provide a rich source of client information, including performance tracking, reducing the queries you receive. And clients can still access their online documents, reducing the paper they receive.

Time is money – save more of it with our platform

The online processes within Quilter’s platform are here to help save you time on admin, so you can concentrate on what matters.