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The benefits of financial advice

Cut through the complexities

The world of wealth management can often be confusing. Where do you start, what do you choose, and how do you manage your investments? At Quilter, we believe in the value of financial advice, which is why our products and solutions are only available through a financial adviser. And with good reason. Financial advisers are highly qualified experts focused on delivering the most suitable outcomes for you. They’ll use their skills and experience to help you make the most of your money, allowing you to enjoy life safely in the knowledge you’ve made the most suitable financial choices based on great financial advice.

Why do you need financial advice?

Achieve your financial goals

Do you have financial goals, and are you on track to reach them? Financial advisers will understand what you want to achieve for yourself and your loved ones. They will use their expertise to help you to consider your best options and often have access to a broader range of products to help you achieve your financial goals. And they can ensure you’re on track to meet your objectives.

Boost your financial confidence

Managing your money can often feel overwhelming. And to feel confident in making the right decisions, you need time, knowledge, and experience. Financial advice will help you build a better understanding of your finances, support you in making well-informed decisions, and provide ongoing support and guidance through life’s journey, giving you the confidence that you’re finances are in safe hands.

Navigate life’s important events

Wealth management is for the long-term. That’s why it’s essential to work with a trusted financial adviser, to help you manage your money during all of life’s milestones. As times change, it’s more important than ever that you’ve got someone who can help you make the most of your money. A long-term financial adviser will be there for you, providing support and guidance over the years when you need it most.

For yesterday, today and your family’s tomorrow

Valuable relationships stay with you for life – through your up and downs, and as your life and family evolve. Some even last through the generations. Watch how a special relationship enriches Anne’s life, and helps her take care of those she loves, every step of the way.

Investors who took professional financial advice between 2001 and 2006 enjoyed an average increase in their assets of nearly £48,000 after 10 years, compared to those who took no advice. The combined benefits of advice over the 10-year period work out as approximately 2,400 per cent greater than the initial cost of the advice.
International Longevity Centre (ILC), as reported in Unbiased, 2022

When do you need financial advice?

Everyone's financial journey is different. However, there are typical financial life stages that we go through, which can affect the type of advice you require.

Starting out

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Starting out

When your working life begins, you gain financial independence. But you'll have financial priorities, such as student loans, saving for a house, or planning your future with a loved one. A financial adviser can help you overcome these financial hurdles and achieve your goals.

Starting out

Maximising your wealth

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Maximising your wealth

Your financial priorities will likely change as your career progresses and your family grows. For savings, pensions, and protection, you'll need the help of a financial adviser to support you and your family's needs, helping to maximise your returns in the long run.

Maximising your wealth

Enjoying your retirement

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Enjoying your retirement

With retirement on the horizon or even in full swing, you'll want to know the most efficient ways of accessing your pension and how to best pass on your wealth. You’ll also be thinking about your long-term care needs. A financial adviser can help.

Enjoying your retirement

Some of life’s key events to consider

The start of your career

You've started your career and have an income for the first time - how much should you be saving? When should you start saving?

Buying a house

You're buying a house, but what can you stretch to? How will your mortgage impact your other financial outgoings?

Starting a family

You're starting a family, but when should you start saving for your children's futures, such as University? Have your protection needs changed?

Inheriting a lump sum

You've inherited a lump sum, but what's the most suitable way to invest this? What's the best way to maximise your returns?

Close to retiring

You're approaching retirement, but what's the most efficient way to access your pension, and do you have enough to plan for long-term care?

Passing on wealth

You want to make plans to pass on your wealth to your loved ones, but what's the most tax-efficient way to do this?

We get good advice and are able to look at the options available. Easy to complete paperwork and complete any changes. Always done in a friendly helpful manner.
Trevor Jones GB Quilter Customer

What to do next?

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