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Enjoying your retirement

In your late 60’s onwards, your financial needs will change further

You may wish to retire fully, or carry on working in a reduced capacity. Your children may have left home, meaning that you are considering ‘downsizing’ to a smaller home to release some equity. You may even have paid off your mortgage in full meaning that your outgoings are significantly less.

At this time of life, you may be considering what long-term care you need. It’s also a time to ensure you are happy with the plans you have in place to pass on your wealth, and you are doing so tax-efficiently for your beneficiaries.

At this life stage, a financial adviser can help you with:

Wealth management

Giving you advice on savings, investments, tax planning and retirement planning.

Personal and business protection

Ensuring you have the appropriate level of life cover, critical illness cover, income protection cover and business cover.

Retirement planning

Advising you on pension funds, personal funds, company or trustee funds.

Wealth preservation

Estate planning, succession planning, trusts.

Free initial consultation

With Quilter, your initial consultation is free of charge. So, let us help you find an adviser to work alongside you.

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Tax planning, Trusts, Estate planning and Succession Planning are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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