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Investment and pensions advice costs

We are here to help you secure your financial future through trusted advice, so it’s important for us to be transparent about how much it may cost you.

At your free initial consultation, we’ll give you a clear explanation of:

  • how much you’ll pay and when
  • which of our services you’ll be paying for
  • how we’ve calculated the fees and charges

Our fees and charges depend on the type of advice you receive, and you won’t pay a penny until you’ve agreed the next steps with your financial planner. You are under no obligation to pay for ongoing service unless you and your adviser feel that it offers you fair value and absolutely supports your financial planning needs. 

We offer flexible payment options and you’re free to decide whether you prefer to pay for one-off advice or take up our offer of ongoing advice.


Here’s an example. This new client invested £200,000 into Quilter’s Collective Retirement Account (a personal pension), and the funds were invested in the Quilter Investors Wealth Select Blend 5 portfolio. The agreed initial fee was set at 2% and the ongoing fee at 0.7%. Our calculations assume that the value of the client’s investment remains constant at £200,000.

The actual fee amounts you pay will change based on the value of your investments and the funds you choose to invest in, and whether you are a new or existing client.

First year:

Fee type Percentage amount Monetary amount
Advice initial fee* 2% £4,000
Advice ongoing fee 0.7% £1,500

Quilter Platform charge**

0.23% £460

Investment charge: Wealth Select Blend 5***

0.59% £1,180
Total cost in first year 3.52% £7,040

In future years:

Fee type Percentage amount Monetary amount
Total ongoing yearly cost 1.52% £3,040

The total ongoing yearly cost consists of the ongoing advice fee, and platform and investment charges.

* Our initial fees are on a stepped basis where the investment is set up on our wealth planning and review service.

** The Platform charge is for the servicing and administration of your investments, through which you can invest in a wide range of investment solutions.

*** The investment charge is made by the fund manager. It is the cost of investing in that particular investment funds and can vary between funds.

Quilter Financial Planning Network only: This financial promotion was approved by Quilter Wealth Ltd, Quilter Financial Services Ltd, Quilter Mortgage Planning Ltd, Quilter Financial Ltd, Quilter Financial Planning Solutions Ltd & Lighthouse Advisory Services Limited on 20 October 2022.