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Meet Thomas

People like Thomas are making mistakes. CGT changes will add to their problems

For clients like Thomas, DIY investing can leave their finances in a mess, causing them to make mistakes and take too much risk. Plus, it’s likely they’re unaware of the upcoming changes at tax-year end, when allowances like CGT will be drastically reduced.

By consolidating Thomas’s ISAs, ensuring he is protected from paying too much tax, and taking the right level of risk, your advice can put him on the right track to achieve his financial goals.

Discover the difference you could make by downloading our case study.

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Quick and easy ways to tidy up DIY investment mistakes

It’s all too easy to take more risk investing than you need to and, get caught out by changing tax laws. 

In this Q-Talk we will

  • Introduce you to our new Thomas case study which shows you how to demonstrate the value of your advice.
  • Run through quick and easy ways you can implement your advice on our investment platform and manage a client’s investments going forward.


  • Shaun Moore - Tax and Financial Planning Expert
  • Michael Jaggard - Platform Specialist 
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Upcoming changes to Capital Gains Tax

Thomas is one of approximately 500,000* additional individuals who could be affected by this. And the number of clients needing advice will only grow as allowances are set to reduce further in future years.

Act now, before this tax-year end, and you can help clients avoid substantial losses.

Our case study shows why Thomas should realise his losses now to carry them forward to offset CGT on future gains.

*Source: Capital Gains Tax: Annual Exempt Amount - GOV.UK (

Download case study

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