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Drive down the cost of investment for your clients’ families

Did you know you could save more than 45% on charges for a Junior ISA?

With the new Consumer Duty regulations about to come into force, now more than ever, you need to know that the products and services you are recommending to customers offer them good value.

Choosing our platform’s family linking feature does just that. It is a multiple family member discount, which adds tangible value for your client and their family by driving down the cost of investment. Our case study shows you how.

In fact, this could be over 45% for grandchildren with a Junior ISA on our platform.

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Webinar: How to communicate with different generations

Dr Eliza Filby is a writer, speaker and consultant who specialises in ‘Generational Intelligence’. She helps companies understand generational shifts within politics, society and the workplace.

Watch our exclusive webinar in which she will share her in-depth knowledge on how society is evolving and how you can stay relevant and connect with the different generations of a family.

In just 1 hour, you will learn:

  • how different generations interact differently and
  • how you can better communicate with your clients, whatever their age.
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How Quilter provides tangible value across the generations

Supporting you to deliver good customer outcomes

Looking for further insight and support on the action you need to take to meet the Consumer Duty standards? Visit our dedicated pages.

Consumer duty help and support

If you’d like to have a chat about how Quilter can help you support your clients, contact our enhanced Sales Support Team.