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How do I set up a Bed & ISA?

This step-by-step summary explains how to transfer money from a Collective Investment Account (CIA) to an ISA – otherwise known as a ‘Bed & ISA’.

Date: 09 February 2023

4 minute read

What you’ll need to get started

  • The amount to be withdrawn from the CIA.
  • The names of the funds being sold to pay for the withdrawal.
  • The names of the funds to be invested in within the ISA.

Watch time: 4 minutes

Setting up a Bed & ISA: Step-by-step

1. Search for the relevant client. You can do this from the homepage.

2. Select the client’s ISA account from the client's dashboard.

3. Click the ‘Top Up’ button and select the 'Bed & ISA' option.

4. Complete the relevant questions relating to the advice that’s been given, select the CIA to move the funds from and when the money is to be moved from the CIA to the ISA.

    • Select from the linked CIA, any CIA held on an individual or joint basis will be available, or choose to select another CIA using the client lookup. (Use this if the CIA is owned by a partner or family member).
    • Details of the selected CIA and the assets it holds will be displayed and you will see the estimated amount available to invest in your client’s ISA.
    • Confirm whether you wish to move the money over to the ISA immediately, or defer the payment until the beginning of the next tax year.
    • Enter the amount you wish to move to the ISA. The amount specified cannot exceed 95% of the value of the CIA.
    • Alternatively, if the value of the CIA is not more than 95% of the remaining ISA allowance, you can choose to make a full withdrawal and close the CIA as part of this transaction.
    • Select the CIA assets which you’d like the withdrawal to come from. You can withdraw from specified assets, or you can withdraw proportionally across all assets.

      Where a full asset sell is requested
      The system will use an estimated value, based on the current price, to calculate the balance needed from other assets to make up the total Bed & ISA contribution amount. As it’s possible the price of the asset(s) being fully sold might fall, you can enter values from other assets that take the estimated total up to 105% of the Bed & ISA amount. This is to avoid the need for you to submit a further transaction.

      If the amount raised is more than the Bed & ISA contribution requested, the balance will stay in cash on the CIA.

      If the amount raised is lower than the Bed & ISA contribution requested, we will apply the amount raised and you will need to submit a further payment instruction. If you enter a value against a specific asset and it is not possible to raise that value at the point of trade, which is most likely to be an issue for transactions requested at the start of the next tax year, we will not trade the asset at all and you will need to submit a further payment instruction.
    • Select the asset allocation for the new ISA contribution. The 'Advanced Search'option allows you to search using additional criteria. Alternatively, you can use the ISA’s 'Existing assets' and enter the percentage allocations.
    • Click ‘Next’.

5. View generated documentation. Generated documentation will be available including Key Investor Information documents for any new funds selected, and your client’s remaining ISA allowance will be detailed. Review the information and tick the declaration and click ‘Confirm’.

    • The green banner at the top of the screen confirms your withdrawal instruction has been submitted.

6. Review the progress. You can review the progress of your instruction from the client’s dashboard via the Transaction Tab. This will also show if there are any trades in progress that will delay the Bed & ISA. A new report will be available showing all Bed & ISAs and their statuses in a specified time period.

Using a CIA’s model portfolio to fund multiple ISAs?

If you’re using a model from a CIA to fund more than one ISA, and would like the ISA investments to happen at the same dealing point, you will need to make the payments from cash. This may mean you’ll need to switch into cash first on the CIA, and then proceed with your Bed & ISA. This can all be done online, with no forms needed.

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