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Brexit: Where do we go from here?

With just a month to go until the UK has to confirm whether or not to extend the Brexit transition deadline, in the next Quilter Market Explainer a panel of Quilter experts will look at where Brexit stands in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and what it means for investors.

Previous episodes

15 May 2020

Key questions: What has happened in markets during the past week, technology companies have pushed US equities to new highs, what are the risks and opportunities for investors, how are investors responding to the market rebound, and what are the common causes for concern given recent developments, and looking forward, has the UK’s ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown, and easing measures in other countries, made things clearer for investors? How will things recover from here?

7 May 2020

Key questions: What are the different bond markets and what part do they play in a portfolio, how have recent market events affected government bonds in particular, what are the risks and opportunities and how do they compare to other bond markets, what’s the outlook for emerging bond markets given the current crisis?

1 May 2020

Key questions: how is the coronavirus pandemic affecting emerging markets such as China and Brazil from an investment perspective, and do opportunities remain in some of the potentially faster growing economies of the world.

Earlier episodes

24 April 2020
Key questions: how will the lifting of the lockdown affect economies and businesses? Will debt from dealing with the coronavirus crisis weigh down on economies in the wake of the pandemic?How will the crisis affect the future of the eurozone and the euro?

17 April 2020 Key questions: why does the fall in oil prices matters to the global economy and the UK’s FTSE 100 in particular? With many well-run companies getting ready to report their earnings results, what are we expecting to see?

9 April 2020 Key questions: what’s ahead for UK & Europe economies, given their different stages of the pandemic; what impact the record weekly jumps in US unemployment is having on the US, and which European sectors are poised to bounce back quickest.

3 April 2020  Key questions: how the current volatility can be handled at the various stages of investors’ journeys, what reasons are there to be optimistic about the outlook for the UK, and what’s the future for our high streets.

27 March 2020 Key questions: how interest rate cuts are impacting markets, what’s going on with dividends and how investors are maintaining income stream.

23 March 2020 Key questions: why investors should stay invested, what the authorities are doing to support markets, and the recent closure of some UK property funds.

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