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Exclusive interest rates for CashHub customers

We’ve just added three new savings accounts to the CashHub with exclusive rates of interest - only for CashHub customers.

Investec 5.10% AER
95 day notice account

Santander 5.07% AER
45 day notice account

Santander 4.60% AER
Instant access

Compare the rates or log in for full account details. Speak to your adviser if you are unsure about the suitability of a savings account.

Important: Before you apply for a savings account you should be sure that you are happy the bank/building society you have chosen is suitable for your needs.

The CashHub powered by Bondsmith

The CashHub is a convenient way for you to manage your cash savings alongside your Quilter investments. It allows you to:

  • Maximise your cash savings: the CashHub gives you access to a select choice of savings accounts from a range of providers, which are monitored to ensure they remain competitive.
  • Have greater visibility of your wealth: you can choose, manage and view cash savings alongside your Quilter investments in the online customer centre or on the Quilter App, giving you greater visibility of your finances through a single Quilter login.
  • Enjoy reduced charges: any savings you hold in the CashHub could help to reduce the platform charge on your Quilter investments.

The CashHub is intended as a home for your short-term savings, such as your emergency funds (recommended as 3 x your monthly income) or where you are saving for a specific goal or item that you can't take any investment risk on. You might have these savings elsewhere but they aren't working as hard for you as they could.

This is different to our other products, such as our ISA or Pension, which are intended for your long-term investments to support your retirement and other similar goals. You are not currently able to hold CashHub savings within our other products, such as our ISA or pension.

Find out if the CashHub could be suitable for you or not below.

Features and benefits of the CashHub

  • Easily compare a range of cash savings products with competitive rates of interest.
  • Choose from easy access, notice period and fixed term accounts.
  • Save, withdraw, and move money to other savings accounts in a few simple steps.
  • Minimum CashHub deposit of £1,000.
  • See your cash savings online alongside your Quilter investments using your online Customer centre login.
  • All of the savings accounts are eligible for protection up to Financial Services Compensation Scheme limits.
  • Savings in the CashHub could help to reduce your investment charges.

The rates available vary depending on the account provider and the account type selected. It is important to read the details provided to ensure the account is suitable for your needs and any risks associated with the deposit are fully considered.

The types of savings accounts available

Easy access

These accounts offer the most flexibility allowing you to top up and withdraw your savings. How often will vary by account and some accounts may have restrictions.

Notice period

A notice account gives you freedom to withdraw money but, unlike easy access accounts, you must give notice and wait for a set period of time (the notice period) before you receive the money. Some accounts may allow instant access, but you could be charged a penalty fee. The notice periods for these accounts are displayed within the account Summary box.

Fixed term

Fixed term accounts pay the same interest rate over a specified term. The rate of interest you earn is usually higher on accounts with longer terms.

Any money deposited into a fixed term account is locked into the account for the duration of the term.  Normally you cannot top up or withdraw before the end of the term (the maturity date).*

Best rates on the CashHub

These are the best rates currently available in the CashHub across easy access, notice period and fixed term savings accounts.

Latest CashHub savings rates

The online Customer Centre

Login to the online Customer Centre to start comparing savings accounts.

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