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Platform fees and charges

Quilter’s charges

All new investments have one tiered charging structure that is based on the value of all products held on our investment platform. It is known as:

  • the Service Charge on the ISA, Junior ISA and Collective Investment Account, and
  • the Product Charge for the Collective Investment Bond and Collective Retirement Account.

There are no hidden extras, so we don’t charge you for making changes to your investments or taking income when you need it.

Total amount invested % Charge
First £50,000 0.35%
£50,000 to £250,000 0.25%
£250,000 to £750,000 0.20%
£750,000 + 0.15%

There is no Product/Service Charge applied to any money held in cash in the Collective Investment Account, ISA, JISA or Collective Retirement Account. Instead, we are paid by retaining a proportion of the interest received from our banking partners on any cash you hold. For more information on our external banking partners, the interest rate paid on cash and details of the rate we retain, please see Interest rates on cash.

CashHub charges

You will not be charged directly for opening savings accounts on the CashHub. The charge for the CashHub is taken as a share of the interest.

Bondsmith will take up to 0.25% of the interest rate, from which they pay Quilter a distribution fee of up to 0.15%.

This is deducted from the interest rates before they are displayed so that the rate displayed on the CashHub is the rate you will receive.

Savings in the CashHub could help reduce the charges you pay on your investments. The service and product charges above do not apply to CashHub holdings, however the total amount of savings held on the CashHub will be included in your ‘Total amount invested’ when calculating which charging tier is applicable. 

Dealing charges for exchange traded investments

If you’re invested in exchange traded investments (such as exchange traded funds and investment trusts), Quilter makes a charge for trading these investments, known as the dealing charge. This is to cover the cost of stockbroking services because these asset types are traded on a stock exchange.

Stamp Duty Reserve Tax of 0.5% is also applicable on investments into investment trusts and a ‘PTM’ levy (Panel on Takeover and Mergers levy) applies where you buy or sell investment trusts exceeding £10,000 in value.

Our Making the cost of investment clear leaflet explains how these charges are calculated and applied.

You can also benefit from family linking, meaning we base the percentage charge you pay on the total value of Quilter's platform investments held by you and your family members that are linked.

Making the cost of investment clear

When you make an investment with us there are three main parties involved, in addition to you as the investor:

  • your financial adviser
  • us, Quilter, the provider of your investment product
  • the managers of the investments you have chosen.


Charging structures

To help you understand their roles, and their fees and charges, our ‘Making the cost of investment clear’ leaflets explain how the charges are calculated and applied.

There are separate leaflets for each of our three charging structures explained below.

Our three charging structures A brief summary Your leaflet explaining your charges
Charge Basis 1

These are our older charging structures.

If you hold a Collective Retirement Account (CRA) or a Collective Investment Bond (CIB) that opened before 1 January 2013, you may be on Charge Basis 1 or Charge Basis 2 and you can only invest in our SelfSelect investment range.

Making the cost of investments clear – Charge Basis 1
Charge Basis 2 Making the cost of investments clear – Charge Basis 2
Charge Basis 3 If you are opening a new investment in any of our products, hold an existing ISA or Collective Investment Account (CIA), or are invested in our WealthSelect managed portfolio service, the charging structure applicable is called Charge Basis 3.

Making the cost of investments clear – Charge Basis 3

If you are not sure which Charge Basis your existing product is on, you can find it on your regular statements and on our online Customer Centre. You can also call our Customer Service Centre on 0808 171 2626.

Your personalised illustration with costs and charges statement

The actual cost of investing depends on variable factors such as the amount involved, the investments you choose, and any fees you have agreed with your adviser.

Before you make an investment, you will be given a personalised key features illustration or projection that sets out these factors in your case and their potential effect on the future value of your investment. The illustration or projection includes a costs and charges statement, detailing the charges you can expect during the first year of your investment and in subsequent years.

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