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Meet Quinn

You probably know a client like Quinn

Like many clients, Quinn has numerous pensions, but his retirement plans are in a muddle. Without your expertise, he risks making the wrong decisions and paying too much in tax.

Not only can your advice increase the value of Quinn’s overall wealth, you can also save the amount of income tax he pays, and decrease the amount of his estate that’s liable to IHT.

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The value your advice could add to clients in Quinn’s position

Our useful case study highlights the impact advice can have on Quinn’s pension planning versus if he decides to do it alone. This will give you the information you need to help clients like him.

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Helping you demonstrate the value of your at-retirement advice

  • In under 25 minutes, our QTalk video will:
    highlight all the at-retirement benefits our CRA can provide and how they can support great outcomes for your clients
  • take you through the Quinn case study, showing the difference your advice can have versus Quinn doing it alone.

Listen to the QTalk

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4 easy steps to help your clients who are approaching retirement:

  1. Download our case study to prove the importance of taking advice
  2. Undertake a simple pension health check of your client’s existing pensions.
  3. Check out the tax-efficient retirement options available through the Collective Retirement Account
  4. Discover more about our WealthSelect portfolio service

If you’d like to have a chat about how Quilter can help you support your clients, contact our enhanced Sales Support Team.