Celebrating our commitment to the LGBTQ + community

We’re pleased to announce that Quilter CEO Paul Feeney, and COO Karin Cook have both been recognised as part of LGBT Great’s Top 100 Executive Allies 2021. We’re proud to be represented in this inspiring initiative.

Allyship means putting yourself in the shoes of others and taking the time to understand. The list of allies recognises the inspirational leaders stepping up in support of others.

Paul comments:

“My ExCo and I have a shared goal to create an environment in which our people can thrive irrespective of age, gender identity, background or sexuality, and as an organisation I am clear that we can only thrive if our company is a diverse one. I have a personal passion for breaking down barriers and stigmas – I have spent time doing this around mental health in particular as that has been pertinent to me and my journey, and feel galvanised to do more to create true inclusivity.

I am committed to ensuring that Quilter is an organisation where our colleagues can be their true and authentic selves, and that individuality is welcomed and celebrated. We spend so much of our lives at work that it is essential that we all feel supported - we cannot be truly successful both professionally and personally without it. I am delighted to work with LGBT Great, recognising that in our Industry we have so much more to do around both visibility and allyship for the LGBTQ+ community. I encourage everyone to get involved.”

This is the second year that Karin has been named as an LGBTQ+ ally by LGBT Great. She has also featured twice in the Financial Times top 10 OUTstanding LGBT+ allies list and was named Stonewall LGBT+ Ally of the year in 2016. In 2019, she was recognised in LGBT Great’s #50For50 initiative and she takes an active role in sharing her experience of being an LGBT+ ally to help inspire others.

Karin comments:

“The more people that speak out who are visible and who are allies the more we open hearts and minds and create advocates for equality. I’m so thankful to all the Quilter LGBTQ+ role models and allies who have stepped forward to tell their stories during Pride month – you help us all continue to learn from the experience you share.”

View the full list of LGBT Great’s Top 100 Executive Allies.

Celebrating Pride Month at Quilter

Pride Month is an annual month-long celebration of the LGBTQ+ community to mark the anniversary of the first Pride March. Like last year, COVID restrictions in the UK have meant that we are unable to celebrate Pride month with the traditional marches and parades. Instead, we have been sharing stories from our LGBTQ+ colleagues across Quilter, and information that’s important to them to our LGBTQ+ community from book lists to documentaries to watch, and articles which include great tips on how to become an LGBTQ+ ally. We’ve also shared a video, in which some of our colleagues share why Pride is so important.

Our LGBTQ+ network leads, Genevieve Williams-Luckett and Suzi Norris comment:

“We are committed to creating a Quilter which is more inclusive, and where we celebrate our diversity. Real progress has been made, particularly over the last year, and it’s so encouraging to see our LGBTQ+ colleagues willing to share their stories with us. It’s a real sign that Quilter offers support, acceptance and allyship.

We have more to do, but we are absolutely moving in the right direction, we look forward to working with our ‘Together with Pride’ ‘network ‘to continue to raise visibility of LGBTQ+ colleagues and allyship throughout the organisation.”