Quilter awarded Bronze Award from MoD

Quilter’s commitment to the UK’s armed forces has been officially recognised with a Bronze Award by the Ministry of Defence Employer Recognition Scheme.

The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) recognises employers who demonstrate support to armed forces communities past and present, and whose values align to those set out in the Armed Forces Covenant.

Quilter’s CEO Paul Feeney signed the Armed Forces Covenant on behalf of Quilter plc in December 2018. By signing, Quilter pledged that those who serve or have served in the armed forces will be treated with fairness and respect. At the same time, it launched its New Start Programme, which helps veterans in their career transition, as well as supporting colleagues who are military reservists and their families.

The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme has three categories – Bronze, Silver and Gold - based on the levels of support that an employer provides. The business has already begun working towards the Silver award.

An award in any category is a huge endorsement of the level of support a business offers armed forces communities.

The Bronze Award was presented to Quilter HR Director, Paul Hucknall by Captain Anthony Chapman, Royal Naval Reserve, at a reception at HMS PRESIDENT.

Paul Hucknall said:

‘Creating an inclusive environment which fosters diversity is absolutely core to our strategy. One element of that strategy is the New Start programme, which is our commitment to helping those who have served in the military and those who are currently working as reservists.

‘I’m proud of what we are doing to recognise the sacrifice and efforts our armed forces, and the support we are providing them as a business when they transition out of active service. Veterans exhibit many of the capabilities and values we look for in our people and as such they provide a valuable additional source of talent. We are learning from other organisations that have built very successful programmes to develop this element of diversity and add value to their businesses.

‘I am also very proud that we have been recognised for our work so far in this space and look forward to seeing how we can further support this community.’