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Helping you and your clients stay safe from scams

Date: 24 November 2021

Fighting impersonation fraud

36 million* Brits have been targeted by a scammer so far this year. Over 55s are most likely to be targeted, but those 34 and under are almost five times more likely to fall victim to a scam than their older counterparts*, according to the Citizens Advice Bureau. 

Our 3 minute video explains how fraudsters might impersonate a client so you know the signs to watch out for.

Firm impersonation or ‘clone firm’ fraud

Quilter and other financial services providers have been targeted by fraudsters, impersonating our businesses. This short video explains how firm impersonation works and how you can avoid being scammed. You can share this video with your clients, so they are aware too.

Stay safe from scams

Our Financial Risk experts have helped create guidance that all our customers can review and follow to help keep their finances safe and secure. Please do encourage your clients to take a few moments to visit these pages.

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