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Fund sectors and categories

Funds grouped into categories

In Quilter's platform funds list, the funds are grouped into categories, which are determined according to where a fund's assets are primarily invested. The main categories are:

  • UK equity
  • cash/money markets
  • UK fixed interest
  • International fixed interest
  • property
  • International equity
  • managed.
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Investment Association (IA)

The categories loosely correlate with the Investment Association (IA) sectors (view the IA sectors and definitions) but the funds from some of the more diverse IA sectors, such as IA Targeted Absolute Return or IA Specialist, may fall within a number of our categories due to the wide-ranging nature of these sectors. Also, funds from the IA’s Sterling Corporate Bond sector may, in certain circumstances, be included in the cash/money market category where their expected behaviour is appropriate.

Category Fund
UK Equity
  • Property (property securities)
  • UK all companies
  • UK equity and bond income
  • UK equity income
  • UK smaller companies
UK Fixed Interest
  • Sterling corporate bond
  • Sterling high yield
  • Sterling strategic bond
  • UK gilt
  • UK index linked gilts
Emerging Markets
  • Asia Pacific excluding Japan
  • Global emerging markets
International Fixed Interest
  • Global bonds
  • Global Emerging Markets Bond - Blended
  • Global Emerging Markets Bond - Hard Currency
  • Global Emerging Markets Bond - Local Currency
  • Targeted absolute return
  • Flexible investment
  • Mixed investment 0-35% shares
  • Mixed investment 20-60% shares
  • Mixed investment 40-85% shares
Cash/Money Market
  • Standard money market
  • Short-term money market
  • UK Direct Property


International Equity

Category Fund
North American
  • North American
  • North American smaller companies
Emerging Markets
  • Asia Pacific excluding Japan
  • Global emerging markets
  • Japan
  • Japan smaller companies
Far East
  • Asia Pacific excluding Japan
  • Asia Pacific including Japan
  • China/Greater China
  • Europe excluding UK
  • Europe including UK
  • European smaller companies
Global Specialist
  • Global
  • Global equity income
  • Property (property securities)
  • Technology and telecommunications