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Quilter Investors Creation range

Cost effective, diversified multi-asset investment portfolio
Last reviewed: April 2024

Defaqto Expert Rated logoThe Quilter Investors Creation Portfolios have been designed in collaboration with financial advisers like you, research agencies and investors to provide a solution to meet the challenges facing your clients in today's complex world.



The Quilter Investors Creation Portfolios

  • Five risk-targeted portfolios in the range, with different risk levels to provide flexibility in choosing the best investment solution for your clients' needs
  • A highly skilled management team to give you confidence to invest for the long term
  • Investments from a broad range of asset classes in the appropriate mix and monitored on a daily basis.

Features and benefits

  • Risk is managed on a continuous basis: The portfolios are risk-targeted, which means they should carry a level of investment risk consistent with how you describe them to your clients
  • Detailed and ongoing monitoring of the investments in each portfolio: The underlying holdings are selected by specialists, who have the resources to analyse and monitor thousands of investment opportunities. The portfolios are also designed to adapt to changing conditions in financial markets so they are constantly managed and reviewed
  • Tax efficiency: The portfolios are capital gains tax-efficient, which means your clients do not suffer an immediate tax liability when underlying assets within your selected portfolio are sold
  • Economies of scale: The buying power of this solution can help keep down costs and provide access to funds not readily available to the general public, for example because of high minimum investment levels

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Sacha Chorley

Portfolio Manager

Sacha is a portfolio manager of the Quilter Investors Cirilium, Creation, and Compass Portfolios. Prior to joining Quilter Investors in 2011, Sacha worked at Broadstone with their team of economists before moving into asset allocation and fund manager research.

Sacha is a CFA charterholder and has also completed the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst qualification. Sacha has a degree in Maths from the University of Bath.

Ian Jensen-Humphreys

Portfolio Manager

Ian is a portfolio manager of the Quilter Investors Cirilium and Creation Portfolios. Ian joined Quilter Investors in March 2020 from Seven Investment Management (7IM), where he was deputy chief investment officer. Ian also spent 15 years at Goldman Sachs in risk management and portfolio hedging strategies.

Ian is a CFA charterholder and has a degree in Physics from the University of Oxford.