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Identity theft / Hacking

If you suspect you have become a victim of identity theft or have had your social media/emails hacked or post stolen act quickly, take the following 5 steps:

  • Step 1 - Inform your bank and credit card company
  • Step 2 - Request a copy of your credit file to look for activity
  • Step 3 - Report the theft of personal documents and suspicious credit applications to the police and ask for a crime reference number
  • Step 4 - Call us on 0808 171 2626 to report lost / stolen documents
  • Step 5 - Contact CIFAS (the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service) to apply for protective registration

Fraudsters have sophisticated systems in place to acquire your information in a variety of ways.

The first indicators of identity theft will include:

You may, understandably, be feeling anxious. You may also feel embarrassed or even guilty that this has happened to you.

  • A bill for a purchase you did not make
  • New Direct Debits
  • Small withdrawals that may take time to notice
  • Problems with your credit rating

Remember, this is not your fault.

Further support:

CIFAS – The UK’s Fraud Prevention Service
6th Floor
Lynton House
7 - 12 Tavistock Square

Action Fraud (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) or Police Scotland

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