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Tips to remember when using apps

Technology has revolutionised the way we manage our money, with many of us now choosing to do so online, via smartphones and tablets.

Apps offer a quick and convenient way to keep in touch with our finances on the go.

But there are risks too.

When using apps, particularly those that relate to your finances, it pays to remember some basic rules:

  • only download apps from official app stores
  • don't change the factory security settings on your phone, as this leaves it vulnerable to malicious software. Most recent Android and Apple phones come with security software built in to help scan any downloads and keep your phone safe
  • protect your phone with a password, or using the phone's biometric features
  • log out of your app when you're not using it
  • avoid using public wi-fi when accessing financial apps as it has minimal security
  • be wary of texts and other notifications claiming to be from your financial provider asking you to log on via a link - this is a typical scam.