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Flexible model portfolios

Date: 26 October 2022

1 minute read

Making things easier for you

We have improved the way model portfolios run on our system to make it easier for you to control your clients' investments.

  • When a client invests in a model portfolio, their holdings will directly replicate the model portfolio. 
  • You will have a greater transparency around which clients are aligned to which model portfolio.
  • Phasing and rebalancing will now work smoothly.

Plus, you can continue to easily build and maintain your models using either our optimised asset allocation for a given level of risk or by choosing your own asset allocation.

Eight key enhancements

Our automatic rebalancing means you can balance everything else

There’s no need to worry about your clients’ portfolios becoming misaligned to their risk profiles on our platform with our clever Align to Target option.

Next steps

Visit our guides and training section to find out more information on how to manage model portfolios.

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Further support

Step-by-step training

View our ‘how do I’ video guides on how to use the platform, manage your clients’ investments and create reports.

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Platform support

Get instant access to online resources such as training videos and Q&As that will help with your daily tasks.

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