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Governance and management

Having launched the Shared Prosperity Plan in 2018 we’re now working to embed this across our business. To support this we’ve introduced appropriate governance and management structures to ensure that there’s adequate oversight and control in place.

Leadership and governance from the Board and CEO

Our commitment to responsible business and our Shared Prosperity Plan starts at the very top of our organisation and our group CEO has overall accountability for ensuring we do business in the right way. The Board receives regular updates as part of the CEO Board report, and formal oversight of responsible business and wider stakeholder interests is formally delegated to the Board’s Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee, chaired by Group Chairman Glyn Jones.

Our Responsible Business Forum

Our group Responsible Business Forum is the management committee with delegated authority from the CEO to oversee and direct our responsible business approach, including our Shared Prosperity Plan, performance against our plans and targets, and consideration of new and emerging issues which may present risks and opportunities. The Responsible Business Forum meets quarterly and includes senior executives from our operating businesses and key functions such as human resources, communications and risk.

Day to day management of the Shared Prosperity Plan and responsible business more generally rests with the responsible business team, led by the Corporate Affairs Director who reports directly to the CEO. The team works with all areas of the business to embed responsible business strategy, stakeholder engagement, governance and reporting. Each operating business has a designated, accountable executive who is responsible for embedding the Shared Prosperity Plan as appropriate in their part of the organisation.

Paul Feeney

Paul Feeney

Chief Executive officer at Quilter plc

Stakeholder engagement

Taking into account a wide range of views

We recognise the importance of engaging with a range of stakeholders to ensure we understand their expectations and views of us and share information about our approach and performance. Our stakeholders include colleagues, customers, financial advisers, investors, suppliers, regulators, media, NGOs and other special interest groups. We are in the process of reviewing and enhancing our stakeholder engagement framework to ensure it remains effective.

The Quilter Code of Conduct

Doing business the right way is simply the way we do business. The Quilter Code of Conduct sets out the expectations of all Quilter colleagues to help us maintain the highest ethical standards and earn the trust of our customers, colleagues shareholders, business partners and the communities in which we work. Download the Quilter Code of Conduct

The Quilter Supplier Code of Conduct

The Quilter Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the standards and behaviours that Quilter expects of all its suppliers. This code exists to help suppliers understand the standards and behaviours that are expected when they work with Quilter. Download the Quilter Supplier Code of Conduct.

Quilter Tax Strategy

As a responsible business we are committed to full compliance with our tax obligations, paying the right amount of tax at the right time. We have zero tolerance for tax evasion. To find out more download The Quilter Tax Strategy.