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Quilter’s official website and email addresses

To help you know if you’re genuinely dealing with Quilter, take a look at our official websites and email addresses:

Quilter websites

Any websites that look very similar to these but may have some additional words, letters, numbers or special characters in them are likely to be fraudulent.

Quilter email addresses

If you’ve been contacted by someone you do not recognise using any variation of the addresses below, or if you have any other security concerns, please forward the email to


Email addresses we use

Emails requesting feedback

From time to time, we carry out customer satisfaction surveys through our independent partner InMoment, a leader in customer feedback management.

The email address used for these surveys is

Secure email

The security of your data is of utmost importance to us. We use ‘Proofpoint’, an encrypted email function, to protect any sensitive material we send you from unauthorised viewing or malicious intervention.

Learn more about ProofPoint