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Supporting young carers

Today, there’s an estimated 700,000 young carers in the UK with unpaid caring responsibilities.

The Quilter Foundation wants to support these young carers, so has launched a partnership with Carers Trust and The Mix. The partnership aims to invest £1.5 million over three years to develop and deliver pioneering support services for young carers in the UK.

This funding will allow Carers Trust, the UK’s largest charity supporting unpaid carers, to deliver programmes that provide immediate relief to young carers who face barriers to their wellbeing, education or employment prospects.

Since we have partnered with Carers Trust, over 900 young carers have benefited from funding from the Quilter Foundation, which has raised £171,000 so far for the charity.

Meet some of the young carers who the partnership has already helped:

Charlotte's story

Charlotte is 20 years old and spends up to 100 hours each week caring for both her mother and her father, while also helping to look after her little brother.

She is passionate about forensic science and her dream is to work for a police forensic team.

  • Charlotte’s mother has stage 3 liver cancer, osteoporosis, epilepsy, chronic pain and mental ill-health.
  • Her father has bipolar disorder and suffers physical conditions related to substance misuse.
  • Charlotte works part-time to help contribute to rent, bills and prescriptions, as well as covering her own living costs.
  • Charlotte is severely dyslexic, suffers from Crohn’s disease and was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer.

How we have supported Charlotte

The Quilter Foundation has helped Charlotte to pay for an online diploma in forensic science, bringing her one step closer to her dream career.

A little support can have a life changing impact

Do you know a person who has caring responsibilities? Get in touch with Carers Trust (UK) or Crossroads Care (Isle of Man) and they may be able to offer them vital support.

Find out more about the Young Carers funding programme here.