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Research shows financial advice is worthwhile

Financial planning helps people be more prepared for their future and helps them achieve their goals and aspirations. Our research of 50 to 75 year olds shows that those with a financial plan who saw a financial adviser regularly had retirement income that was 41% higher than those who had never used an adviser.*

We also know through our research that having a financial plan brings peace of mind and less worry. Our surveys find that those with a financial plan are far more positive about their financial security in retirement than those without a plan.**

How do you feel about your financial security in retirement?

Planning’s positive impact

Through our advice network we are the UK’s largest distributor of financial advice with more than 3,300 advisers nationwide. As you would expect all of the advisers in our network are fully qualified and professionals in their field. They work with customers to understand their particular life and financial goals and help provide options to achieve them. 

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