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Financial capability is a key driver of financial wellbeing which is the ability to meet all current commitments, without undue stress, and the resilience to cope with future income or expenditure shocks. We want to help enhance financial capability at school, at home and in the workplace as one of the keys to future financial security.

Key stats

  • 5 million UK adults have less than £100 in savings
  • 47 million people in the UK do not access financial advice
  • 72% of UK adults support financial education from age seven


Financial wellbeing commitments



Create secure financial futures for our customers through quality products and service.

Key Metric

Net promoter score.                                                        


In 2020, overall asset retention for the Group - a measure of our ability to delivery good outcomes and retain customers - increased to 92% (2019: 88%) driven mainly by improvements in the Quilter Investment Platform.

For the second consecutive year, Quilter topped the FTAdviser Top 100 Financial Adviser rankings. The achievement is recognition of our continued commitment to providing high quality face-to face-advice.

Quilter Cheviot continued to perform well for customers, delivering out-performance relative to their relevant benchmarks over one, three, five and ten-year periods. Meanwhile, Quilter Investors’ investment performance was good, with performance of the largest range, Cirilium Active, improving markedly on a one-year view, and Wealth Select continuing to perform strongly.



Promote financial wellbeing for our colleagues.                                                  

Key Metric

Colleagues feeling confident about managing money and pensions.


‘Thrive’ is our colleague wellbeing initiative which supports our people with their mental, physical, social and financial wellbeing and is supported by 120 colleague ‘Thrive Ambassadors’ internally. We enhanced mental health support by introducing ‘Spill’, which provides all employees with access to mental health resources, tools and online counselling services.

In 2020 we continued our financial wellbeing programme which promotes a range of information, employee benefits and guidance to support colleagues to feel more confident about money and pensions.



Empower young people to manage their money well for life.                           

Key Metric

Number of people supported through community financial literacy activity.


We continued our long-term partnership with leading financial education charity, MyBnk, to fund the provision of expert led money management lessons to young people aged 11–25 in local communities. COVID-19 restrictions seriously inhibited face-to-face delivery in 2020 and despite this, the programmes still reached 7,811 young people in the year.

During 2020 Quilter continued to co-chair KickStart Money which is helping to transform the long-term savings habits of the next generation. During 2020, 27 UK Members of Parliament lent their support to the campaign, bringing the total number of parliamentary supporters of the campaign to 57.

Responsible business report

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