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Goal 1: Enhance financial capability

Our commitments:

  • Promote financial wellbeing for all our colleagues
  • Improve access to financial guidance and advice for customers and consumers more widely
  • Empower young people to manage their money well for life

We aim to help people develop skills, knowledge and confidence, to enable them to fully engage in their financial lives to pursue their financial goals and aspirations.

Almost half of UK adults report low levels of understanding and confidence about financial matters*. This can prevent people managing their money effectively, leading to financial difficulties and insufficient income in retirement.   

We strive to build financial capability through delivering financial education to young people, tackling the advice gap and exploring ways to encourage people to engage with their financial lives.

Key facts

Adult spending habits are set by the age of seven**

58% of the adult population don’t think they have sufficient understanding of pensions to save for their retirement***

96% of UK teens say they worry about money on a daily basis****

2018 Responsible Business Report

We are a leading wealth management business, helping to create prosperity for the generations of today and tomorrow.


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Financial advice

Financial education

* Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – Financial Lives Study showed 46% of UK adults report low levels of knowledge.
** Money Advice Service – Adult Money Habits are set by the age of seven years old, 2013.
*** Wealth and Assets Survey 2017, Office of National Statistics.
**** OECD International Network on Financial Education, Financial Education in Schools 2013.