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Our purpose is to help create prosperity for the generations of today and tomorrow.

  • For customers, we do this by providing financial advice, investment products and wealth management solutions that can meet their changing needs
  • For other stakeholders including colleagues, business partners and wider communities, we aim to help them thrive and prosper through long-term positive relationships
  • For shareholders we strive to deliver sustainable returns over the long term by being a responsible business

We call this Shared Prosperity.

Our Shared Prosperity Plan

Our Shared Prosperity Plan is how we bring our approach to Responsible Business to life. It sets out our intent to deliver positive impacts for customers, colleagues, and communities across three key themes, which resonate with our stakeholders and align to our purpose and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

For each theme, we’ve set ourselves commitments that we will focus on until 2025. These are underpinned by our culture, values and commitment to responsible business conduct.


Financial wellbeing

By enabling people to enhance their financial knowledge and confidence we can help customers, colleagues and communities to be financially resilient and achieve long-term financial security.


  • Improve access to financial advice and guidance
  • Promote financial wellbeing for our colleagues
  • Empower young people to manage their money well for life

Inclusive growth

By building and promoting an inclusive culture we can ensure our products and services reflect customers we serve whilst helping colleagues and communities thrive in work.


  • Empower customers to be more engaged in their financial future
  • Create an inclusive culture that embraces diversity
  • Help colleagues and communities to thrive in work

Responsible investment

By investing responsibly we can take account of environmental, social and governance issues that may impact long-term investment returns, whilst reducing our impact on the environment.


  • Embed responsible investment principles across our business
  • Exercise active stewardship of our customers’ assets
  • Reduce the environmental intensity of our activitiess

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Our charity: The Quilter Foundation

Quilter charity member

The Foundation supports the many thousands of young people in our communities who face a multitude of challenges. Its mission is to help young people overcome barriers to prosperity. By providing funding and skills to charitable organisations, our aim is to empower young people to fulfill their potential, thrive and prosper.

Governance and management

Governance and management meeting

Having launched the Shared Prosperity Plan in 2018 we’re now working to embed this across our business. To support this we’ve introduced appropriate governance and management structures to ensure that there’s adequate oversight and control in place.

Responsible Business Report

Responsible business meeting

Our Shared Prosperity Plan is how we will grow our business responsibly, aiming to create long-term value for all our stakeholders, including customers, colleagues, communities and shareholders. Find out more in our Responsible Business Report 2019.

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