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The Quilter Foundation helps to support over 170 young carers at Easter

Over the last three years, The Quilter Foundation’s partnership with Carers Trust has helped support young carers across the UK.

 This Easter, The Quilter Foundation launched a virtual campaign to fundraise for young carers. In usual circumstances, Quilter colleagues would donate Easter eggs which were distributed among carer’s centres across the country. However, as they were unable to do that this year, colleagues donated via virtual Easter eggs instead.

The campaign was a great success and together colleagues raised a remarkable £3,804.

The money raised reached an estimated 179 young carers, giving support to:

100 young carers were supported with their wellbeing, for example through a care package, with items to help them take care of themselves such as herbal teas, bath salts and a notebook to write about their hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

45 young carers were supported to participate in virtual peer support groups, bringing them together in a safe space with other young carers, enabling them to build friendships, confidence, and their future aspirations.

12 young carers were supported on their employment journey, by helping to purchase a new set of interview clothes, so they feel more confident for virtual or face-to-face interviews.

6 young carers were supported through being able to join drama workshops, driving their passion to do something they love and preparing them for a future career in acting or theatre production.

6 young carers were supported with a place at a Carers Trust local carers service, enabling them to take part in a range of virtual activities and help build connections with other young carers, supporting them on their way to a brighter future.

5 young carers were supported with their mental health through much needed 1:1 online support, for when they felt stressed and overwhelmed with the pressures of balancing their caring role with education or employment, enabling them to put themselves first and boost their confidence.

2 young carers were supported to connect with a dedicated mentor in the creative industry, helping to open up a world of opportunities and support them on their way to achieve their dream of being a creative writer.

2 young carers were supported through being able to join creative writing workshops, driving their ambition to become a creative writer.

1 young carer was supported to purchase a laptop, so they could stay connected with loved ones and access online resources to support with their educational journey, preparing them for a future filled with opportunity and potential.

Today, there’s an estimated 700,000 young carers in the UK looking after loved ones with disabilities, long-term illnesses, mental health issues or addiction problems.

The Quilter Foundation launched a partnership with Carers Trust, The Mix and Crossroads in October 2018, which is dedicated to transforming the lives of young adult carers in the UK.