Celebrating £1 million donated to the Young Carers Campaign

As the The Quilter Foundation’s partnership with Carers Trust comes to a close, we reflect on the impact it’s had on young carers.

This month marks three years since The Quilter Foundation launched its Young Carers Campaign in partnership with Carers Trust, The Mix and Crossroads. Throughout the partnership, Quilter employees have dedicated their time, passion, and effort to supporting young carers through volunteering and fundraising and have made a remarkable impact.

  • An incredible £1 million donated through employee fundraising and strategic grants.
  • 2,200 young carers supported through grants programmes and volunteering.
  • 450+ hours Quilter volunteer hours dedicated to young carers.
  • 250 skills development opportunities have been created helping young carers achieve their aspirations.
  • Development of the Young Carers Steering Group- a group of 11 amazing young carers who have been pivotal to the strategic planning and co-designing of the Quilter partnership.
  • Partnership shortlisted for Charity Times award.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported the young carers campaign.

What’s next for The Quilter Foundation?

In survey of Quilter employees earlier this year, 81% felt it was important or very important to support local causes. Therefore the Quilter Foundation wants to give employees the opportunity to support causes close to their hearts in their local areas. We are currently developing a new initiative which will do just that, and aims to raise funds to improve the lives of 100,000 young people in our local communities.

Look out for further updates on the Quilter Foundation’s progress.