5 practical tips to help cope with loneliness

Feeling lonely affects many of us. As life gets back to ‘normal’ following the pandemic, we share our top tips to help you feel more connected with the world around you and stave off the feelings of isolation.

1. Figure out what gives you a sense of connection

Loneliness is caused by an absence of connection, not strictly an absence of contact with other humans. That's why we can still feel lonely even when we're surrounded by others. Doing small things whether it’s reading a good book, spending time in the great outdoors, or even buying a houseplant, are a great to start feeling better.

2. Strengthen existing relationships

Whether it be friends, family or work colleagues, there are probably already people in your life that you could get to know better. Why not strengthen your existing relationships by catching up for a coffee, a chat or a walk?

3. Try something new

Joining a class or a club automatically exposes you to a group of people who share at least one of your interests. Check your local library or community college as well as city parks and recreation departments to see what's available.

4. Spread your communication throughout the day

Usually if you’re in the office you’ll have lots of small conversations – from asking colleagues questions or having a chat while making your daily brew. If you’re working from home, cramming the whole day's communication into a 30-minute morning Zoom call may feel efficient, but it makes us feel more disconnected and hence less productive in the longer run. Instead try having shorter more frequent calls over the course of the day.

5. Keep Busy

Distract yourself from feelings of isolation and have some ‘me’ time. If you have a hobby you've always wanted to take up or a home improvement project that's been lingering on your to-do list now is the time to do it. Investing in yourself and your interests keeps your mind occupied and you’ll feel better for ticking them off the list.

To read more practical tips on how to cope with loneliness visit Verywell Mind. For information on places you can go for support, please visit mind.org.uk