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Beyond the balance sheet podcasts series

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In this podcast series from Quilter Financial Planning, we lift the lid on the world of financial advice, removing the typical stereotypes and allowing listeners to see the industry in a more real, honest and empathetic light.

The series is a must for existing advisers, providing useful tips on business development as well as providing insight for anyone considering a new career in financial advice.

Episode 10 - Challenge accepted: Does recruiting financial advisers need to be difficult?

Recruitment is often tricky especially for financial advisers; with a finite supply demand is high for their services. In this podcast episode we investigate why it’s so hard to find advisers and what firms can do to attract them in an era of stiff competition. With this in mind our experts discuss recruitment strategies, planning development and how to make your offer more appealing, especially when taking on young advisers.

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Episode 9 - Financial advice – the best career you’ve never considered?

Starting a new career is never easy, especially in the midst of a pandemic! In this podcast episode our host Hannah Vaughan Jones chats to three new advisers to the industry, focusing on their experience so far, how they decided to jump ship into something quite new and how they’ve found their first 12 months.

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Episode 8 - The virtues of virtual? Will remote client meetings outlive lockdown?

The world has changed so much in the past eighteen months, and with it, so has our working style. In this podcast episode, we chat with two advisers and a behavioural scientist about how they and their clients adjusted to ‘the new normal’. The pandemic forced advisers to reimagine the way they interacted with clients, and with this came a different type of connection.

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Episode 7 - Why mothers make excellent financial advisers

Our special podcast episode focuses on why mothers are so adept at being financial planners. With an influx of mothers looking to either change careers or get back into work, this episode delves into the job itself, and how women in the industry balance motherhood and work.

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