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Updating personal information

I have moved house, how do I change my address?

I have just got married, how can I change the name my shares are held in?

What should I do if a shareholder has died?

How can I update my bank details?

Managing my shareholding

Can I request that I receive all communications electronically?

How can I transfer my shares to someone else?

I have lost my share certificate – how can I get a new one?

I have more than one share certificate. Can they be combined?

Can I donate my shares to charity?


What is Quilter plc’s dividend policy?

When does Quilter pay dividends?

When will the next dividend be paid?

How will I receive my dividends?

Can I receive my dividends in other currencies?

Do I have to pay tax on dividends?

Buying and selling shares

How can I find out the value of my shares?

How can I buy or sell my Quilter plc shares?*


How can I find out more about being a Quilter shareholder?