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Quilter's platform

Quilter's platform helps to simplify the way that customers and their financial advisers hold, monitor and manage their investments.

It allows investors to hold all their investments in one place, within tax-efficient product wrappers (such as pensions and ISAs). This makes managing investments easier more transparent and, with online access, more convenient.

The platform acts as an extension of financial advisers’ back office, and provides them with the tools and services to help them support their clients.

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Quilter International

Quilter International is a leading cross-border provider of wealth management solutions.

Providing portable international wealth solutions, Quilter International caters for expat customers with more complex financial needs. It also provides financial planning solutions for nationals within its chosen markets.

Quilter International’s aim is to help investors to manage and grow their investments, and pass them on to future generations, with the help of a professional financial adviser. Its markets include Africa, South East Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

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